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We have compiled our very own list of wartrol reviews from people just like yourself who have tried the treatment themselves. Will will be updating this page rather frequently in the next few months as we get more diverse and honest reviews. Here is a wartrol review we got from Beth a few weeks ago…

“My Experience with Using Wartrol” -Beth

Beth explains what she likes and dislikes about Wartrol

Beth L. from California talks about her experience with Wartrol

Hi, my name is Beth and I am 26 years old. I want to write this little review to guide anyone out there like me who is having trouble finding a proper genital warts treatment online. I’ll be honest with you: It’s a tough process and there are literally hundreds of scams that are just waiting to ruin your day (trust me on this one; it cost me over $1000 before I found a treatment that worked).

If you have genital warts, I recommend you go get yourself a supply of the Wartrol formula. It’s pretty easy to use. You just spray it under your tongue once a day (it’s absorbed into the blood stream fastest this way) and you’ll be good to go in a couple months — Clean and clear!

Having genital warts is a horrible experience and I would never wish it upon anyone. I was a completely innocent girl up until about a year ago when I met a guy at a bar I kinda liked. It never even crossed my mind that he could potentially have an STD. Well, long story short… He did.

HPV virus that causes genital warts

Microscopic view of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes genital warts

I remember noticing a few small bumps around my vagina one morning and wondering what it was. At the time it didn’t look like much and I suspected nothing even remotely similar to an STD. I brushed off any suspicious thoughts and assumed it was an ingrown hair or something. Over the next few weeks it started to get worse and worse though… The bumps got bigger and they were starting to look like little cauliflower blossoms (disgusting). For the first time, a genital warts infection had crossed my mind.

I decided to wait a few weeks just to see if it was something harmless and not warts. Three weeks later; absolutely no improvement. That’s when I finally got enough courage to visit my doctor…

He confirmed exactly what I didn’t want to hear and I immediately thought my life was over. He tried to comfort me a bit offering some “breakthrough treatments” I could try but there was nothing he could have said to make me feel better that day.

He ended up putting me on a prescription called Condylox. Let me try to describe my Condylox experience for you…

  • Messy
  • Smells bad – to the point of making me gag
  • Time Consuming

You have to soak every single wart in this noxious potion several times a day. I was on Condylox for a month before my doctor decided to put me on another drug, Aldara. I lasted all of about 3 days on Aldara before I had to stop using it. Aldara has a pretty hefty list of side effects and it did nothing but cause incredibly painful blisters on my vagina. (NOTE: This was the WORST discomfort I’ve ever experienced!)

My doctor was pretty much out of recommendations at this point. Surgical removal was my next option but I declined after he told me about the costs and pain involved in the procedure. He gave me another prescription for Condylox and wished me luck…

I didn’t even bother using the Condylox. The first thing I did when I got home was go online and do some research about the disease. I posted in a few forums and explained my condition and what treatments I had already tried. After a day or two, I was getting similar recommendations on all the forums — Wartrol.

Wartrol Reviews

Three bottles of Wartrol -- One bottle lasts approximately one month

I was already several months into this whole ordeal and I wanted relief as quickly as possible. I ordered six bottles of the wartrol treatment with overnight shipping — I was fed up with waiting.

All you have to do with Wartrol is spray it under your tongue as instructed and you’re good to go. This was great news since I hated having to get completely undressed throughout the day to apply my condylox (and let it dry). Within two weeks my warts were noticeably less “irritated” looking and blended in with my natural skin color better. After the first month, the number of warts on my vagina had been cut in half. By the end of the second month my warts were gone!

In order to prevent new outbreaks I have incorporated wartrol into my daily routine right after breakfast. I haven’t seen a single wart in 11 months… I’d consider that to be a success!

If you only take one thing away from my story, remember this: Don’t waste your time with the prescription treatments that your doctor gives you. If I would have known about wartrol beforehand, I would have never needed those worthless prescriptions in the first place and it would have saved me a ton of money.

Thanks for listening! I hope this wartrol review helped you out 🙂

Beth L.

Wartrol Review and Homeopathic Treatment

Wartrol uses homeopathic medicines to painlessly remove genital warts from outbreak locations

What is Wartrol?

Wartrol is an organic (homeopathic) genital warts treatment that is sold by a company called Healthbuy based in Burbank, CA. The company has been in business since 1998 and has a clean BBB record. Our findings indicate that this company is safe to do business with.

How does Wartrol work?

Wartrol works by utilizing the “art” of homeopathy – The wartrol formula is an extremely diluted blend of organic ingredients which provide relief to the symptoms of genital warts. It should be noted that although the formula is diluted, the medication is still highly effective and you will not benefit from “double dosing” or increasing the frequency of applications. For safe and effective relief, the manufacturer’s request that you please follow all instructions carefully. Always read labels before apply product. Contact your doctor if you experience strange side effects from taking wartrol.

Is wartrol a scam?

Our findings indicate this product and company is legitimate and should be considered “low risk”. We have no reason to believe wartrol is a scam.

Where to buy wartrol?

Wartrol should be purchased online from their official website. At the current time, wartrol is not sold in stores anywhere in the world. If you see the product on a store shelf, you should be cautious when purchasing because the product is likely a fake. Healthbuy, Inc. has stated that it’s formula will be sold exclusively online. People looking to buy wartrol in stores will have to settle for making a secure online purchase. It’s discreet and easy so don’t worry.

How long until I see results?

Wartrol depends on a number of factors that increase the speed of relief. The main factor is the condition of your immune system. A healthy individual with a healthy immune system will see results almost immediately after use. People who are not in good condition or have unhealthy immune system may experience some delay in relief. This can be eliminated by correcting your diet and sleep schedule.

Does wartrol cure genital warts?

No. The HPV virus is an incurable disease and there are no products that can remove it entirely from your system. Wartrol can only provide relief from the symptoms and help with the outbreaks.

The MyGW staff will post any additional information about this treatment as it becomes available. If you have bought or tried wartrol it would be greatly appreciated if you submitted your own review of the treatment.

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  • Jenny M

    Thanks for this review Beth…

    I’ve been looking into buying wartrol for a while now but haven’t actually had the courage to buy it until after I read your wartrol review so thanks for that! Which package did you buy? I think 6 months should be enough, right?


  • Thank you Beth. Our readers have rated this review and have said this is very helpful. We appreciate your submission!


  • Allison

    I don’t understand how wartrol can work? why don’t you need a prescription for it? and why isn’t it for sale in drugstores? I’ve been looking everywhere for it in stores…

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    how i can buy wartrol spray?