Are Genital Warts Contagious?

by David · 2 comments

Genital Warts are Contagious, Doctor is embarrassedI got a question the other day that quite frankly shocked me a bit…

Someone asked me if genital warts were contagious. This was a young adult female speaking to me and I couldn’t believe she didn’t know the answer! “Of course genital warts are contagious,” I finally blurted out.

It’s astonishing that people aren’t a bit more educated nowadays about sexually transmitted diseases. You’d think with everything going around and the numbers constantly increasing, they would put more emphasis on this in schools.

Genital warts can be transmitted in more than a couple ways so I don’t really expect everyone to know every little method of transmission but I would at least expect someone to know that genital warts, are in fact, contagious.

  • Chris Murphy

    hahah.. funny

    yeah everybody should know something that simple but i guess there are people out there who don’t… who would have thought?

  • jasmin loredo

    My boyfriends sister has genital warts and she gave my boyfriend her tounge ring which she owned and wore, he wiped it down and cleaned it in mouth wash, can he become infected.

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