About Us

Genital Warts InformationHey there, friend. Welcome to the official online HPV/genital warts community website! The idea for our community has been long in the making and finally in January 2009 we collected enough money to make it a reality! As we propel through 2011, we hope to expand our community even more and add new HPV resources for everyone to read. We believe that knowledge is truly power on our website.

Living with Genital Warts

Just because you are infected with genital warts does not mean you’re life is over. Believe me — we have all been in that position and we’re all still here today.

If you think you are alone, here’s something that might cheer you up: There are almost 50,000 active members in this community (and it’s safe to say that all of them are personally infected or live with a family member/spouse who is infected).

Finding a friend on MyGW is easy and you can keep and touch with him/her throughout your whole experience. We’ve found that finding a “pen pal” buddy makes the realization of having genital warts a lot more acceptable and tolerable. Head on over to our community forums and find yourself a new friend. 🙂

About our Community

This community is supported by generous genital warts contributions from visitors all over the world. We always keep the website up to date with the latest updates in the industry so check back frequently and you’ll always see something new!

The way we run our website here at MyGW is simple… We are strong believers that content is truly king and if we can provide you with excellent and informational content to better help you understand genital warts then we have done our job. What we’re working on right now is collecting hundreds of user submitted reviews and testimonials. We like to hear everything from “both sides” before making an official endorsement.

Honest Genital Warts Advice from other HPV Sufferers!

You can never truly judge how well a product works until you try it out yourself. Unfortunately this often means becoming a victim to a scam and losing money. Our dream is to one day have enough information that nobody ever has to be scammed again by slimy fly-by-night companies online. The internet would be a much better place if everyone was just as it seemed.

We are strong believers that content is truly king and if we can provide you with excellent and informational content to better help you understand genital warts then we have done our job.

We have looked into the idea of using content from public health forums but this is still under discussion since it has received controversial comments in the past and on other sites. Sometimes we may gather information from other websites (and provide adequate backlinks and citations) but you should understand that we will never steal content or plagiarize! We abide by all United States copyright laws and we will strictly enforce any violations caused by our guest authors and anonymous website commenters.

Interacting with other Genital Warts Sufferers

We allow comments on almost every page of our website and we encourage everyone who has a thought or opinion on something to chime in. There’s no way we can make a better website without our audience’s input and that’s where you come in! If you disagree with a particular review shown on this website, we highly encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments but we ask that you refrain from making any personal attacks against another person. If you have a problem with something that someone has said, please forward the page and comment in question to an administrator and we will take your claim into consideration. Please note that we rarely remove content that strikes up a debate since this usually ends up with much more valuable information in the end. We encourage you to start debates within comments.

Lastly, we value our visitors dearly and we hope that you enjoy your stay. If you like the content you read on this site, please take a second to bookmark our site and come back whenever you please. We try to update the site with new information and articles every single day so you can add us to your RSS reader too if you’d like. Thanks for listening and hope to hear from you all very soon!

To ALL your successes in life,
The MyGW Crew

P.S. I think we can all agree that a genital warts-free world is a goal that we can achieve in the next 100 years. The way science moves and advances nowadays, it seems like anything is possible with enough research and genital warts can’t stand in our way!